Welcome to Diamond Counsellor International

Diamond Counsellor International is the leading international authority on rough diamond valuations. Our clients include governments, mining companies, financial institutions and state-controlled organisations.

Handling over $1.5bn worth of rough diamonds every year, Diamond Counsellor International is an independent and highly respected company with an impeccable pedigree.

Our expert diamond valuers undertake an estimated 20% of the world's rough diamond valuations annually, handling goods from Angola, Brazil, Guinea, Sierra Leone and other diamond producing countries.

We are independent valuers for government bodies and provide valuation training to local people. We also deliver strategy and marketing policy advice to a variety of international customers. We have supervised tenders in Angola, Namibia and Guinea and carried out assignments for UN agencies, the Commonwealth Secretariat and the World Bank among others.

We have developed our own unique valuation system, which has been approved for use within the Kimberley Process.

At all times our customers, whether government departments or independent companies, depend on Diamond Counsellor International’s authoritative and independent expertise in rough diamond valuations.